Benjamin DeHaan is a speculative fiction writer, road runner, circular economy promoter, and creator/editor-in-chief of the science fiction horror magazine, Dark Void. He was born and raised in southern Wisconsin, USA and now lives and works in Japan.



2020.5.3 - First story publication. “A Babe Story”

2020.7.15 - Writers of the Future Contest, Silver Honorable Mention. “Bones and Heart”

2020.8.28 - First short story publication. “Hunger”

2020.11.29 - First story in print. “Love Swallowed Whole”

2021.2.1 - First short story in print. “Bones and Heart”

2022.8.8 - Nominated for the “Best of the Net” anthology. “A Dog’s Run”

2022.8.16 - Joined the Codex Writers Group.